If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable.
— Jack Lemmon

Imaginarium Talent Agency supports young people and their families as they build and cultivate a strong acting career. Our members receive five key areas of support:


This is offered through our monthly workshops plus additional weekly coaching in small groups. Our small group sessions are run in “houses” allowing young people to grow a solid community with those who share their passions. In this extra time, actors are able to explore acting in greater depth, be educated about the industry and prepare for auditions.


Great acting requires vulnerability, self awareness, empathy and the willingness to plumb ones emotional depths. We believe that all young actors should be supported in understanding healthy boundaries, developing resilience, understanding themselves and others and given space to process situations as they arise. Our mentoring process cultivates an environment for this growth by:

  • Creating space for young people to talk, process and question within our houses.

  • Ensuring that all of our chaperones have undergone in-house training in safe-guarding, legal requirements, mental health awareness and pastoral care.

  • Offering one off workshops with people within the entertainment industry who can offer wisdom and support.


A professional Showreel and Headshots are essential for any actor. We offer 3 services to ensure students have portfolios which display their artistic talent, playability and individuality:

  • Original Showreels, written specifically for the actor. Each showreel consists of 3 unique scenes and is professionally put together from concept, writing, production, through to post production and editing.

  • Editing a growing catalogue of professional work to show experience and how actors are currently being cast.

  • Professional Headshots with an Industry Portrait Photographer


We represent young people within the industry to make introductions, open doors and secure auditions.


When a young person is building their acting career it is vital for families to understand the industry and how it works. We have put together a resource for all families in our talent agency to help you be informed about the requirements of an actor and managing income.