Imaginarium Seed




Hi, we are Dominic & Marina Magdalena, the people behind Imaginarium!  Having worked together previously for over 8 years, Imaginarium Seed (established in 2011) was the quiet dream we never knew we had.  From global missions, sailing across the world, travelling theatre and establishing businesses in Ibiza, Imaginarium Seed quickly became one of our favourite adventures.  Now with 2 bold and creative kids in tow, as a family we love nothing more than imagining alongside others to bring the world the best in Faith and Family Entertainment.

I admit that I haven’t yet acquired the absolute fullness that I’m pursuing, but I run with passion into his abundance so that may reach the purpose that Jesus Christ has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover.
— Philippians 3:12 TPT


Pulling together the artists, film makers, dreamers and creatives to pioneer faith and family entertainment across the world.

Our primary aim is....

to create great entertainment that is life-giving, speaks to the soul and raises the creative bar.  Throughout our endeavours we are committed to forging a path in faith and family entertainment that leaves room for others to join in.  We know that the kind of wisdom, creativity and innovation this world needs, lies within the body of believers - and we are committed to giving those people a hand on to the platform.

Imagination is the soil that brings dreams to life.
— John C. Maxwell


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We get busy entertaining through Story Theatre, touring countless festivals, destinations and audiences with an imaginative and fast paced piece of original theatre.  A great interaction and response from our audience leads us to inspire children to explore their own creativity with a weekly stage school.




Our work in communities develops and we make our first piece of media whilst gathering a fractured community together around the common goal of film making.  Our theatre is still touring and our kids are still stage schooling.




Our style of theatre takes off and we begin to develop alongside other producers in the film and media industry.  Imaginarium starts cooking up an idea for developing our first TV show (which is still currently in development!).




Our work in film and communities draws attention in the Social Care world and we are asked by the department of health to produce 4 short films around the life Stories of people who live with mental health challenges.  Meanwhile, we are still touring, still teaching.




More social care projects around mental health, more teaching, more touring, and a developing relationship with UCB media.




Our stage school takes a step back as does Story Theatre as we gather our thoughts.  Over the last 5 years we have immersed ourselves in making educational entertainment, moved into media and explored the world of social care and mental health.  It looked chaotic, unruly, some may say a little manic!  But somewhere, hidden in the whirlwind, the little seed was beginning to sprout.




From this strong foundation, the first Imaginarium TV show was created. The Mum Show broadcast on 12 channels worldwide, including Inspiration TV, TBN and God.TV.  The passion that was with us from the very beginning, to entertain, inform and excite, was now realised. Three women in an everyday setting, sharing wisdom, laughter and specialist skills around raising children in a loving home. It turns out The Mum Show was just what lots of people around the world were waiting for. This successful format is just a glimpse of the Imaginarium vision as a living and life-giving creation, bringing joy, hope and vitality into your home.




With the success of our first season of “Mum Show” under our belt, we were commissioned to make another whopping 33 episodes, all pre purchased and ready to be sent around the world. With a sharpened vision, ever growing relationships within the mainstream industry and passion levels over flowing, Imaginarium flourished into what you see today.



2019 …

Here we are, adventuring with some incredible people as we push forward in production, training and representation. If you have got to the end of this story, send us a message and say “hi!” Who knows, maybe the next chapter is one we venture together.