Imaginarium Seed

The Family & Faith Production People



Faith and family entertainment for broadcast across the world. We are invested in creating original content for both mainstream and faith based platforms, that will entertain, excite, challenge and inform.

Talent Agency

Mentoring, coaching and representation for young people building an acting career. We focus on developing talent, nurturing mental and emotional well being, supporting families in understanding the entertainment world and opening doors within the industry.

Acting coaching

Monthly “Acting for Stage and Screen” workshops, running in Manchester and Leeds, are ideal for both young people in our talent agency and those wanting to develop their understanding and mastery of acting.


Imaginarium has a long history of facilitating and leading drama based events within the health and social care sector, alongside vulnerable people, for community and church groups and for people with additional needs.

Pulling together the artists, film makers, dreamers and creatives to pioneer faith and family entertainment across the world. We are invested in bridging the gap between main stream and christian entertainment in terms of quality, creativity and originality.