Imaginarium has worked nationwide with the NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations), Local authorities, schools and various charities to deliver creative, tailored workshops using role-play, story telling and media. To discuss how Imaginarium can support your organisation or to book a facilitator please get in touch through our contact page.


Imaginarium developed the “Sing a Story” programme, helping parents/carers connect with their pre-schooler through music, story telling and role play. For up to date information on where our courses are currently running please get in touch through our contact page.


Imaginarium Created the “Shine” drama course which helps children develop a positive self esteem and increase self awareness and empathy. The course is regularly offered by Bradford based Charity, “True Colours”. For further information or to enrol please contact: Corinna Parkins,


Imaginarium have worked with the department of health to explore the benefits of positive behavioural support for vulnerable adults. The project spanned 2 years and included developing video case studies, supporting vulnerable people as they shared personal testimonies and working with organisations and families to better understand the pros and cons of different methods of support.

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